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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pool Jewelz?

Pool Jewelz… a one of a kind glass tile made exclusively for the pool and spa industry is the first affordable glass tile to be introduced to the homeowner and resort markets alike. You can now own the Crown Jewels of pool and spa interiors for close to the cost of the pebble sheen and glass bead interiors. And the feel under your feet… Cannot be beat!

Who Can Install Pool Jewelz?

Properly trained pool tile installers and certified Pool Jewelz installation crews.

Does Dirt Show On Pool Jewelz Glass Tile?

Pool Jewelz glass tile is non porous and impervious to dirt and staining thereby making it easier for the pool cleaning system to remove debris.

What Is The 12 Year System Warranty

Pool Jewelz has teamed up with one of the country’s largest thinset and grout manufacturer. After exhaustive testing Pool Jewelz has been paired with adhesives and grouts that guarantee years of enjoyable pool use. Pool Jewelz is warrantied for twelve years against fracture and cracking when installed by a qualified swimming pool tile installer. For more information on Pool Jewelz 12 year system warranty contact Pool Jewelz.

What Will Pool Jewelz Look Like In My Pool or Spa?

Imagine if you will the last resort you vacationed at. Remember the beautiful glass tile finish in the spa and pool. As the sun hits the tile… the glass throws off the most brilliant reflective light.Showcase your taste and personality with the beauty and versatlilty created by a Pool Jewelz interior.Accessorize your pool this year with Pool Jewelz where…

pools and spas… Sparkle… Shimmer… Shine.

Where Can Pool Jewelz Be Installed?

Pool Jewelz is suitable for new pool, spa and water feature installations and can be installed over suitable existing plaster, 3M Quartz and stone interiors. No need for noisy dusty chip outs.

* In some remodel installations a chip out and brown coat may be required.

How Do I Get An Estimate

Contact your finer pool builder or re-modeler. Or contact Pool Jewelz for a dealer recommendation.

Is Pool Jewelz Glass Tile Expensive?

Glass tile’s durability and current price points make it a very cost effective interior pool, spa or water feature product.

Will In Pool Cleaning Systems Work In A Pool Jewelz Glass Tile Interior?

Yes, Pool Jewelz Glass tile will not inhibit most in-pool cleaning systems on the market.

Where Can I Buy Pool Jewelz?

Tile and grout provide a surface profile which many clients find slip resistant.

Stone Products Can Be Rough Under My Feet. How Does Pool Jewelz Compare?

Pool Jewelz glass tile is not aggressive under foot. Many customer have said that Pool Jewelz glass tile is smooth under foot and is not aggressive like pebble products.

How Will My Salt Chlorinator Affect Pool Jewelz Interior?

Pool Jewelz glass tile will not be affected by properly maintained salt chlorination levels.

How Will My Pool Chemicals Affect My Pool Jewelz Interior?

Pool Jewelz glass tile will not be affected by properly maintained chemical levels.
All dimensions and coverage are approximate depending upon installation. Pool Jewelz disclaims any liability for any act or omission on behalf of any Dealer and or Installer(s). Each Pool Jewelz is hand-crafted and unique. No two tiles will look exactly alike. Color(s) between dye lots may vary from shipment to shipment. Pool Jewelz has made a concerted effort to provide images that accurately represent the actual tile colors. However, iridescence contains natural variations in color, tone, and grain that are difficult to reproduce on brochures and monitors. We cannot guarantee that these images represent the actual colors of the product. Please contact Pool Jewelz to receive an actual color sample to truly experience the beauty of Pool Jewelz Glass Tile! All dealers are independent contractors.

Pool Jewelz Disclaimer: Pool Jewelz glass tile is distributed through its independent dealers. The relationship between Pool Jewelz and each Dealer is an independent contractor relationship and shall never be deemed or construed to be an employment, a partnership, a joint venture, an agency or any other similar relationship. No Dealer has any authority of any kind or nature whatsoever to enter into any obligation, contract, or agreement binding upon Pool Jewelz, or any partner or affiliate. Pool Jewelz has no responsibility or liability whatsoever for or with respect to any persons performing any services on the part of any dealer including, without limitation any installation services or any repair services, and all such persons performing any such services on the part of any Dealer are and shall remain such, Dealer’s employees, contractors and or agents. Pool Jewelz has no right to control or direct any employees, contractors, and or agents of any Dealer, with each Dealer having the sole right to control and direct its employees, contractors, and or agents. No persons performing any services on the part of any Dealer, whether installation services, repair services or any other services, shall ever be construed to be employees, contractors, agents, partners, and or affiliates of Pool Jewelz.